April 4

10ml Purple Roller Bottles For Essential Oils and Perfumes – Got Oil Supplies

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Who LOVE purple?  I’m sure you love purple just as much as we do.  We are so excited for this new product announcement.  The quality on these 10ml purple roller bottles  is amazing, you will love them.

10ml Purple Roller Bottles For Essential Oils and Perfumes
10ml Purple Roller Bottles For Essential Oils and Perfumes

We now have Purple Roller Bottles available to help you accessorize!  Use your dōTERRA or Young Living oils in these stylish purple rollerball containers.  They are available to purchase with plastic, glass or stainless steel metal roller insert.  Plus, you can choose between the standard black cap or a silver aluminum colored lid!

Cheap, Wholesale Pricing on All Essential Oil 10ml Purple Roller Bottles

We dare you to compare our prices!  With our bulk pricing options you are sure to find the best deal at GotOilSupplies.com.  We strive to offer cheap, wholesale pricing to the public, every day!  Further, make sure you check out our reviews on these new 10ml purple roller bottles.  All of our reviews are verified purchases from customers!

Happy Shopping!

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