April 4

5 Tips to Stay Healthy in Fall



As the weather starts to change, it can be difficult to stay healthy and on the top of your game during the fall season. However, by following our five tips to stay healthy in fall below, you’ll stay up and running during this busy holiday season!

Be Prepared for Daylight Savings

Sleep is vital to keeping us healthy, but Daylight Savings can throw off your sleep schedule. Since the time is changing this weekend, prepare for the time change by going to bed early and limiting the amount of caffeine you’re consuming. Caffeine can disrupt your sleep cycle. Not getting enough sleep can lead to lack of energy throughout the day, especially while there’s so many changes in the weather and sunlight.

Boost Your Immune System – To Help Stay Healthy in Fall

With the drastic change in weather, our immune systems can take a dive during the fall season. Sickness tends to spread quickly during this time of year. To help yourself and your family avoid fall sickness, practice drinking more water and less sugary beverages. Staying hydrated will help you keep your energy levels up. Good hygiene habits like regularly washing your hands will also help you boost your immune system.

Stay Nourished with Seasonal Foods

Fall is one of the best times to cook up seasonal foods. Apples, squash, leafy green, carrots and stews are some of the staples of the fall season. Cooking up healthy meals doesn’t have to be time consuming! Use a crockpot or slow cooker to ensure you get your nutritions while saving time.

Get Some Fresh Air

Fall has the perfect weather for outdoor activities. The heat has cooled down, but it’s not quite cold enough yet to keep us indoors. This fall, make sure to spend time outside to increase vitamin D levels, which helps protect you against seasonal depression, diabetes and obesity. Getting outside can also help you stay concentrated throughout your day. Even a 15 minute walk outside in the middle of your day can increase your concentration and help you stay healthy in fall.

Be Happy

As the weather starts to get colder, sometimes your mood can take a turn with it. Keep your spirits up this fall by making time to enjoy the season! Even as the holidays get busy, take time to slow down and see loved ones, curl up with a good book, or go on a hike to see all the beautiful fall colors. Inspiration is everywhere this time of year!

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