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9 Notable Benefits and Uses of Bergamot Essential Oil

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Bergamot Essential Oil Spotlight

There are a lot of fruits from the Citrus family that can be used in a number of ways and have multiple benefits. Bergamot is no different and the oil extracted from it has been known to be effective in a number of aspects.

So what can you expect from and use 100 % pure bergamot essential oil for? The applications can vary but, before that, it’s best to get acquainted with the material itself first.

What’s Bergamot Essential Oil?

Bergamot is basically a tree which produces fruits of the same name. Unlike many citrus fruits, Bergamot was the result of an unintended combination between a lemon and an orange. As such, the fruit possesses the distinct zest of lemon combined with the shape, consistency, and odor of an orange.  It is green in appearance, however, and resembles a lime somewhat.

The fruit itself has a lot of uses ranging from cuisine to natural treatments and even hygiene. Fortunately, it’s benefits are not beyond the reach of many as bergamot oranges are in plenty of supply around the world. As a matter of fact, bergamot oranges are a common sight in several grocery stores and marketplaces.

The fruit’s biggest asset aside from its unique flavor is the oil that can be extracted from it. Essential oil from bergamot has been carefully evaluated by the FDA and has been proven to be safe for consumption and application to the body when using a high quality, therapeutic grade oil.

How to Use Bergamot Essential Oil

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1. Relaxant/Sedative

The oil is quite effective in lifting the mood up while also relaxing the nerves.  A drink infused with bergamot oil should be enough to get your mood up for the day or get you to sleep quickly at night. The chemical is also known to stimulate certain hormones in the body like dopamine and serotonin which leads to a natural relaxed state.

2. As a Deodorant

Citrus oils are known for their strong aromatic odor which can be used to cancel or mask the effects of foul-smelling stenches. This is why bergamot can be used as a deodorant for the body. Applying it on odor-heavy areas like the armpits will allow the oil to disinfect the area, preventing germs from accumulating there which causes the smell.

Also, it’s easy to make bergamot deodorant yourself. All you need are a few ingredients and tools and you’d have your own stash of stench-busting oil deodorant to use.

3. As Toothpaste

Due to its germ-killing properties, Bergamot can also be used to clean the teeth and prevent bacterial build up there.  Add a drop to your tube of toothpaste and mix it up.  Apply and brush your teeth as normal.

The oil should also form a coat around the tooth which prevents the buildup of cavities. As for any claim that it can also whiten the teeth, these have yet to be confirmed.

4. Treating Muscle Pains

Bergamot oil is also a natural relaxant for muscles. This could be a great solution for any person suffering from muscle spasms, convulsions, and other severely painful constrictions on the muscle. (Source: https://articles.mercola.com/herbal-oils/bergamot-oil.aspx)

It also works well if cold pressed to the affected area several times throughout the day.

5. Injury and Burn Treatment

Aside from being an antiseptic compound, bergamot also possesses some antibiotic properties. If applied on a wound or a burn, the oil can act as a soothing agent on the inflamed area while also cleaning the area from any dirt and germ-carrying foreign object.

This would also form a coat around the wound which should at least give the body additional defenses from bacteria attempting to enter the bloodstream through the injured region. As such, if there is an infection developing in the wound, bergamot oil should be effective in helping it heal, while preventing new ones from occurring in the same region.
(Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/essential-oil-for-burns)

For burns, bergamot essential oil also possesses soothing properties which should address the burning sensation over the affected area. If used in conjunction with a cold compress, the inflammation should be greatly reduced within a few hours.

However, experts do advise on not exposing the bergamot oil to direct sunlight when it is applied to a wound. The oil has photosynthetic properties which means that its chemical buildup will be altered once introduced to sunlight. This might lead to adverse reactions such as rashes and itching in the area. (Source: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-142/bergamot)

To prevent this, it would be better to apply the oil first and then dressing the area with gauze strips. This would allow the oil to clean the wound while preventing irritation from forming around the wound.  Keep the wound out of sunlight for 12-24 hours after bergamot application.

6. Skin Care

Experts do point out that bergamot has properties that can keep the skin moisturized and firm. A few drops of bergamot rubbed over the skin’s surface should keep moisture inside, resulting in firmer and livelier looking skin. This is why bergamot is present in the composition of several cosmetics products. (Source: https://www.annmariegianni.com/ingredient-showcase-bergamot-oil-the-problem-solving-essential-oil/)

A key component found in bergamot oil is this substance called cicatrizant which is necessary for treating scars, liver spots, and other unsightly blemishes on the skin. It can also help in the distribution of melanin in the body while also inhibiting the growth of acne in the pores and hair follicles.

However, like in treating wounds, it is best not to expose the oil coating to sunlight. This might lead to rashes in the skin, worsening the condition when it was supposed to alleviate it.


7. Pain Relief

Studies conducted by experts show that bergamot has properties that can reduce the sensation of pain throughout the body. Its compounds are vital to the stimulation of hormones through the body which inhibits a person’s ability to perceive pain.

If used topically, bergamot oil can be ideal for dealing with headaches, joint pains, and sprains.

This also means that the oil serves as a natural alternative to many analgesic substances like pain relievers. Keep in mind that over-consumption of over-the-counter medicines like pain relievers can have adverse effects on the kidney and liver as well as facilitate in a person developing neurological problems like insomnia.

Bergamot, on the other hand, allows you to achieve natural analgesia minus the risks of damaging your nerves and your organs. Also, since you won’t be consuming too many pills, you don’t run the risk of suffering from the thinning of blood, a common side effect when taking in pain relievers.

8. Asthma Prevention

Bergamot is also known to be an ideal substance to address asthma in the body. Since asthma attacks occur when the bronchial passage constrict, bergamot works by helping the muscles in the passage relax and open up just a bit more. To help your bronchial passage open more fully, add a drop of bergamot oil in your hand, with a teaspoon of carrier oil.  Mix well and apply over your throat.  Use caution of the sun with the use of bergamot essential oil over the throat.

9. As an Antidepressant

Studies have also shown that bergamot has some anti-depressant properties which helps when you suffer from bouts of low energy. However, the way it attacks the condition is subtler and more natural than other anti-depressant solutions.

The way it works, surprisingly enough, is through the flow of blood. Substances in citrus oils like alpha-pinene and limonene are known to stimulate a better circulation of blood. Since oxygen is being transferred to every cell in the body at a more efficient rate, the body has enough fuel to go through the day without feeling tired.

This blood circulation trick also works in more serious mental conditions like depression. By giving the person a boost of energy, they are subtly compelled to find ways to work out on their energy as opposed to focusing on any negative thought.

This does not exactly cure any mental condition, mind you, but a constant dosage of bergamot oil will ultimately help in a person as they go through this period of their life.


As of now, it should be apparent to you that bergamot essential oil has quite a lot of uses and benefits for any person. However, this does not mean that bergamot’s application is limited to any of these. As a matter of fact, it’s full potential as both a fruit and source of a highly effective natural remedy has yet to be reached.

The point here is that bergamot can be used for a number of ways which leads to a number of distinct benefits. It’s important that you understand how it works first and then figure out yourself in what other ways you can creatively apply the oil for you. You might just be surprised what other benefits you can unlock with this cherished oil.

Bergamot Essential Oil Recipes

Bergamot Essential Oil Diffuser blend:

Bright and Happy

  • 3 drops Bergamot
  • 2 drops Grapefruit
  • 1 drop Peppermint

Bright and Happy Diffuser Blend With Bergamot, Grapefruit and Peppermint Essential Oils gotoilsupplies.com #gotoilsupplies #diffuserblend #diffuserblends #bergamotessentialoil

Roller Bottle Blend With Bergamot Essential Oil: For an Uplifting Experience

Mood Shift

  • 3 drops Bergamot
  • 2 drops Ylang Ylang
  • 1 drop Geranium

Directions: Add essential oil drops to a 10 ml roller bottle, then fill the bottle to the collar with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO).

Mood Shift Roller Bottle Blend With Bergamot, Peppermint and Grapefruit Essential Oils #essentialoils #rollerbottles #rollerbottleblends #gotoilsupplies #lidstickers


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