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One foremost reason for the popularity of essential oils is its versatility. Essential oils have many uses and benefits.

A single bottle used for many purposes makes it handy and your go-to thing. What is not known is having an essential oil case to keep eos stable and safely carry them when you travel, or simply have them handy wherever you go.

Why an appropriate oil case is necessary

Essential oils are volatile and subject to conversion and degradation reactions from external factors which may diminish its quality.

It is keeping the quality of essential oils that make it necessary for you to consider having your bottles in essential oil storage or essential oil carrying cases.

Before you decide on acquiring an oil case, below are things you need to know that will help convince you of the need for an essential oil case.

Stability of essential oils

The quality of essential oil depends on its compositional structures. A change in its composition due to external factors may result to release of unpleasant odor, cloudy content, shifting colors or yellow staining, and changes in oil consistency when it becomes degraded.

External factors that affect the quality and stability of essential oils (, page 4 of 14)

  • Light – exposure of essential oils (eos) to the ultraviolet light changes its composition and accelerates the degradation of eos properties, thereby affecting the quality. Make sure not to store your essential oils on top of hot surfaces, like a stove or a gas range. Never place essential oils in places where it gets direct contact with the sunlight.
  • Temperature – Extreme changes in temperatures is a threat to the properties of essential oils. Extreme heat can hasten the decomposition of the essential oil properties. On the other hand, an extremely low temperature may negatively affect the stability of essential oils. Keeping your bottle essential oil in an essential oil case will ensure a consistent temperature.
  • Oxygen – Exposure to air is one of the most frequent causes of essential spoilage. This spoilage happens when bottles are open exposing its content to oxygen, and stays open longer than necessary. Access of essential oil to oxygen when open for long causes accelerated evaporation. Oxygen contact also changes the composition of the oil, negatively affecting its properties. Be sure not to let your bottles stay open for long.
  • Water – Moisture is considered a possible cause of essential oil spoilage. Contact with water can make the essential oil cloudy or diminish its quality by diluting the properties. This spoilage is something you want to avoid in your essential oils.

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Considerations when picking an essential oil case

Not all oil cases will work for your collection of essential oil bottles. Essential oil cases come in different sizes, shapes, and design, having in mind different uses of consumers.

You may be tempted to purchase one because of its color or design patterns or the shape, only to regret when they are not right for your needs. Knowing what to look for in an oil case may prevent regrets later.

  • Is the height of the case appropriate for your collection? The size of some cases may not be enough to hold larger bottles or roller bottles. Go over the case’s specifications to find out if the case will close with the bottles inside.
  • Is the bottom of the case sturdy? The design pattern of the case may be attractive, but the fabric is weak. The danger exists that the bottles may fall through the bottom, especially after much use.
  • Is the case big enough for additional collection? If you are thinking of having more bottles for your collection of essential oils, leaving a space for additions is something to think about.
  • Do you travel much? Not all essential oil carrying cases hold bottles for travel. You might think that having a carrying case holds of bottles is right, but actually inconvenient to carry when traveling. A wooden box will cause rattling of bottles which can be distracting when mobile. And, there are carrying case travel bag which is just right for traveling.

Kinds of essential oil case

  1. Soft Case – This kind of case is made of durable fabric, padded, equipped with zippered pouch, and can hold 5 ml to 15 ml bottles. The padded divisions between bottles help prevent oil spills and leaks. Soft case comes with the easy-to-carry handle.
  2. Hard Case – Ideal for roller bottles for complete protection, especially if you choose one that has a durable exterior hard shell. Hard carrying case usually holds 40 essential oil bottles. This kind of case includes the wooden box which is ideal for large collection of bottles (holds up to 65 bottles.)
  3. Small Travel Case – Are you just starting on essential oil? Or do you just want a few favorite essential oils for a planned short travel? Then a small travel case is the right essential oil case for you. Choose one that is easy to carry or could fit into your purse or makeup bag easily.

You can check this YouTube video to have an idea for a soft case essential oil travel bag:

Essential Oil Case Review

The essential oil case market is full of carrying cases which offer different carrying case holds of a small to a large number of bottles in so many designs and uses. To make it easy for you to choose the appropriate case for your needs and taste, we reviewed five essential oil cases.

Karen Lavender Essential Oil Designer Purse with Silver Hardware

Karen Lavender Essential Oil Purse is a simple but elegant designer purse you can use every day without having to worry about spills and leaks.

Karen Lavender Essential Oil Designer Purse with Silver Hardware Product Image

Karen Lavender Essential Oil Designer Purse with Silver Hardware

Each pouch in the purse securely holds 16 of your Young Living or doTERRA essential oil bottles. You can safely place your 15 ml Boston Round EO vial in this case’s zippered pouch which is positioned in the middle of this designer purse.

There is enough room for an essential book, brochures, iPad, and smartphone. The purse also has two cargo pockets to keep your keys, cards, lip balms, and other personal effects which you just cannot do without when you go out.

The designer is equipped with a 19” handle and a 29” to 39” adjustable strap, giving you option how to carry your purse depending on your stylish mood.


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Made of durable material
  • Comes in many colors to suit your preference
  • Holds 16 essential oil bottles
  • Has an adjustable strap from 29” to 39” in length
  • Equipped with a 19” sturdy handle


  • Difficulty in closing the zipper
  • The interior soft material may retain scent if bottles are not sealed tightly
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Jolyn Charcoal Grey Essential Oil Designer Purse with Gold Hardware

Joyln Charcoal Grey Essential Oil Designer Purse is simple but stylish and gives you that classy look.

Jolyn Charcoal Grey Essential Oil Designer Purse with Gold Hardware product image

Jolyn Charcoal Grey Essential Oil Designer Purse with Gold Hardware

This case designer purse is made of a high-quality material which is durable and keeps your essential oils organized. Its interior design holds two rows of eight elastic pouches which help keep your bottles upright and is, therefore, leak proof.

It is equipped with a 19” handle and an adjustable strap of 29” to 39” to give you an option on how to carry the purse. If you are into cooking, this designer purse has enough space for your recipe book.

And, if you are wondering what to give your mother, you might consider this designer purse as a gift.


  • Stylish and classy in its design
  • Made of durable material
  • An organizer that fits oil bottles securely
  • Elastic pouches for 16 essential oil bottles
  • Keeps the bottle upright and leak proof
  • Equipped with a handle and a strap
  • Many different pockets for stashing your personal effects
  • The purse is the carrying case itself, convenient for having essential oils within reach
  • Zippered pocket


  • The tendency to flop to one side due to the weight
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Margaret | Hot Pink and White Striped Essential Oil Designer Tote with Gold Hardware and Clear Presentation Pockets

If you are in the business of essential oils this designer tote carrying case is a good choice for you.

Margaret Hot Pink and White Striped Essential Oil Designer Tote with Gold Hardware and Clear Presen

Margaret Hot Pink and White Striped Essential Oil Designer Tote with Gold Hardware

If you are looking for a functional carrying case for business, this designer tote is designed for presentation, classes, and demonstrations.

Or perhaps, you simply want to display your collection of essential oils when you are out with friends or shopping for additional essential oils. Again, this tote carrying case is right for you.

The designer tote has three clear pockets on the outside to display your doTERRA or Young Living essential oils.

The interior holds 16 essential oil bottles organized into two rows with 8 elastic pouches in each row. The elastic pouches make it flexible for this tote carrying case to hold fast different sizes of oil and roller bottles.

Each pouch can hold a 5 ml, 10ml, or 15ml Boston Round Bottle and 10ml roller ball vials.


  • Functional case for business
  • Elastic pouches for 16 essential oil bottles
  • Flexible as the tote case can hold 5ml, 10ml, 15mo bottles and 10ml roller ball vials
  • 3 clear pockets on the outside for display purposes
  • Equipped with a 23” handle
  • Includes an adjustable strap of 29” to 39” long
  • A side pocket for a water bottle or beverage


  • The outside clear pockets do not fit bottles well
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Black Essential Oil Travel Bag

If you want your essential oils within easy reach wherever you go, the Black Essential Oil Travel bag is for you.

Black Essential Oil Travel Bag product image

Black Essential Oil Travel Bag

How to secure oil bottles when on the road is worrisome for many essential oil users.

The Black Essential Oil Travel Bag may be right for the safe way to carry bottles when traveling.

You can stash this travel bag in the glove compartment, fits your purse when visiting friends, taking short trips, or going to events and not worry about spills, leaks, and rattling of bottles.

The Black Essential Oil Travel bag is made of a high-quality durable material which can last long. The travel bag case has elastic pouches to hold ten 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml oil bottles, 10ml roller balls and add a few more extra oils in the middle. The zipper goes all the way down so you can view the contents without difficulty.


  • Elastic pouches
  • Flexibility as the travel bag holds oil bottles of different sizes
  • Good oil bottle organizers with space for extra essential oil in the middle
  • Handy and convenient to carry anywhere you go
  • Full-length zipper
  • High-quality material


  • The scent may stay with the fabric if you are not careful to close the oil bottle tightly.
  • May have difficulty with the zip if overfilled with all 15ml oil bottles
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Hard Black Essential Oil Carrying Case with Handle & Foam Insert

If you are one who travels frequently, this Hard Black Essential Oil Carrying Case with Handle and Foam Insert will make your trip worry-free.

Hard Black Essential Oil Carrying Case with Handle Foam Insert product image

Hard Black Essential Oil Carrying Case with Handle Foam Insert

The hard carrying case is right for your roller bottles, which often is the cause of worry for many traveling essential oil users.

This travel case securely holds 30 essential oil bottles of 5ml, 10ml, and 15mk, including 10ml roller bottles.

You can fit the hard essential oil carrying case in your suitcase and not worry about the bottles getting smashed inside when you are on the road, the hard exterior case protects the case’s contents.

The soft black foam inside the case adds protection by preventing bottles getting squeezed and smashed inside when traveling.

Are you thinking of giving another essential oil user a gift? You might consider this travel carrying case, designed for travel and simple but with a professional look in its design.


  • Holds 30 essential oil bottles of different sizes
  • Elastic pouches for different oil bottle sizes
  • Holds and secures 10ml roller bottles
  • A nice gift for a loved one
  • Durable and shockproof outer case
  • Soft interior with foam to protect oil bottles


  • Foam insert may stick to oil if oil bottles are not covered tightly
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Essential oil case comes in different sizes and shapes, with attractive designs to attract essential oil users. The choice carrying case should not be only on aesthetics but also on functionality and purpose.

If you are a frequent traveler and one who prefers to look elegant, classy, and stylish at the same time, you got two winners: the Jolyn Essential Oil Designer Purse with Gold Hardware and the Black Essential Oil Travel Bag.

Both essential oil cases fit the considerations mentioned earlier in this article, and your choice would depend on your preference. If you prefer to look classy and stylish and have ample room for your essential oils and other extras, the Designer Purse is your answer.

If you prefer a small travel bag that you can conveniently stash in your purse as handy extras to carry with you anywhere, the Black essential oil travel bag is your right choice.

It is worth noting that both essential oil case meets the requirements for keeping your essential oil stable, which is what you, as an essential user, care about.

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