December 4

Cats and Dog Make and Take Class Kits, Labels and Recipe Sheets For Essential Oils

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Cats and Dog Kits


We are so pleased to announce that our cats and dog kits are now available to purchase.  These recipes were developed by Janet Roark, DVM. So you know the recipes are safe for your favorite furry friend.  Cats and dogs need taking care of too.  Learn what essential oils are safe for cats and dogs and make recipes you are sure to use over and over again!



We have pretty labels and recipe sheets so you can make everything you see above.


Cats and Dogs Essential Oils Make and Take Class Kits


The cats and dogs make and take class kits are perfect for hosting a make and take party.  Are you trying to grow your essential oil business?  Show some natural solutions to common pet problems to friends and neighbors as a way to introduce them to essential oils.

As usual, we have designed all of our kits with you in mind.  On the labels, you also get lid stickers (most companies charge for an extra sheet of just lid stickers, ours are included on the sheet)!  Another bonus is there are holes punched in them so you can put them into one of our binders and stay organized.


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