October 11

Classy Vinyl Labels For Roller Bottles / Stickers For Essential Oil Blends

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New Vinyl Label Banner For Roller Bottles

We are so excited to introduce to you our new vinyl labels for essential oil bottles.  To go right to our website to purchase the vinyl labels. ➡ NEW VINYL LABELS


Watch this quick video to view our new labels and to also see how easily you can apply them to your bottles.


Often, I will make a roller bottle blend thinking, I’m going to use this every single day.  I don’t need to label it because of course, I’m going to be able to remember what it is.


I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to say next.  Well you know the drill, I forget.  I forget what’s in it, or I forget what I even intended it to be used for.  Sometimes I will even use a colored bottle so I will be sure not to forget.   The funny thing is, I will remember for a couple days, then I will get busy and not use the blend a day or two and totally forget what I even made it for.  DOH!

Don’t be me!

Lable your bottles, with class and style.  Now you can remember what is in your essential oil bottles and their intended purposes.

We have 3 collections for you to choose from and 2 color options currently for each collection.

The Mood Collection‘ Vinyl Labels in Silver and Gold

The mood collection is available in silver and gold vinyl labels.  The mood labels were created with you in mind.  Help support your emotions and feelings for you and those you love.  Create beautiful blends for those you care about.  The words used for the mood collection is calm, inspire, peace, passion, motivate, grief, hormonal, energy, happy, forgiveness, focus, sadness.

Below is the silver vinyl labels are shown on our blue stainless steel roller bottles with silver lids.  Isn’t it so chic and pretty?

silver mood vinyl labels

Below is the gold demonstrated on our amber bottles with gold vinyl labels.  I’m not sure what ones I love more?  It’s just so hard to choose.

gold mood vinyl labels with amber bottles and gold lids


Daily Drop‘ Vinyl Decals in Silver and Gold

The daily drop vinyl label collection is brought to you in gold and silver.  These are so beautiful and elegant.  The daily drop is labels we think you will often use on a daily or frequent basis.  This is your ‘everyday’ use type roller bottle blend labels.  The vinyl labels included in the collection are; immune, muscle, bliss, seasonal, focus, headache, calm, breathe, owie, healthy, digestion, and sleep.

Below you can see how the daily drop collection in silver looks on our blue bottles and silver lids.

Silver Daily daily drop vinyl decals for roller bottles

Below you can see how the daily drop collection in gold looks on purple bottles and gold lids.

Daily Drop Vinyl Decals in Gold on Purple Roller Bottles

Kiddos Vinyl Label Collection in Pink and Blue

We know that lots of kids like shiny objects.  Don’t you think they would rather ‘oil up’ with a pretty bottle?  We also know how often brothers and sisters do not like to share.  And…. I’m speaking from experience here (have you ever seen our kids at shows?  They don’t share well  )  With this in mind, we decided to do pink and blue labels for the kids.  We love our new kiddo collection.  Now everyone will know who a bottle of oil is for.  The words included in this collection are; healthy, owie, sleepy, ears, thyme out (see what we did there?), bug block, cooling, focus, happy, courage, sneezy and tummy.

Below is our kiddo vinyl decal collection in light pink on our frosted clear bottles with gold lids.

pink kiddos vinyl labels on frosted bottles with gold lids

Below is our blue vinyl labels on our frosted white bottles with silver lids.  Perfect for the boys in your life!

blue kiddos vinyl labels on frosted roller bottles

dōTERRA Branded Labels and Rank Advancements

We had some of these available at the dōTERRA convention and literally sold out within hours of getting them out on the floor.  Now they are back in stock and ready for you to purchase.  You can get just the dōTERRA branded vinyl decal (great for many things also besides a roller bottle even).

We also thought it would be fun to make a sheet of rank advancements.  Either you can celebrate yourself a rank advancement or that of a team member.  Send them a bottle with their new rank on it, to show them you are paying attention and that you care.  Or, maybe make someone aspiring to be diamond up a special blend that they can use every day as they aim for that goal.  There are just too many fun things you can do with these rank advancement labels.  Rank advancement tiers that are in this collection include manager, director, executive, elite, premier, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.  Let the creating begin!!

doTERRA Rank Advancement Decals

Shown below is the doterra vinly label decals on our frosted glass roller bottle with a purple lid.  How awesome is that?

doTERRA Vinyl Decal For Roller Bottles


So, the question is, which vinyl label decal set do you like the best?  We would love to know the colors and the collection.  Be sure to shoot us an email or comment below.  We love to hear from our customers!  Visit our website to purchase our beautiful new labels.

We now offer our vinyl labels as sets on Amazon too.  You asked for free shipping, and we listened.  If you have Amazon Prime, these now ship free for you.  If you are looking for gold essential oil labels for roller bottles click here.  They come as a set with both the mood and the daily drop vinyl labels for roller bottles.

If you are looking for the silver rollerball labels then please click here.


Essential Oil Vinyl Labels Mood Gold



pink kiddos vinyl decal stickers on the wood

blue kiddos vinyl decal stickers on wood

gold daily drop vinyl decal stickers on wood

Silver Daily Drop Vinyl Decal Stickers on Wood

Silver Mood Vinyl Decal Stickers On Wood


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