January 7

Diamond Roller Bottle Blend and Rank Advancement Labels

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Goal setting time is upon us.  Do you have your sights set on reaching a diamond status with either doTERRA or Young Living?  It’s important to set goals, write them down where you can see them and then reevaluate how you are doing during the year.  To help you stay motivated, we have created an amazing blend.  The top, middle and base notes will leave you with a pleasant aroma and roller bottle blend.

This blend is made at a safe for daily use dilution ratio of 2% (for adults).  Try this blend out, it is very enchanting and will leave you wanting more!

Diamond Roller Bottle Blend

Ingredients Needed For Diamond Motivation Roller Bottle Blend

dōTERRA Rank Advancement Labels

Have you seen our rank advancement labels?  Whether you are striving to rank advance, or celebrating someone on your team reaching a new milestone, these are perfect for you.  Letting team members see that you recognize their accomplishments is part of what being a good leader is.  This is a fun way to recognize someone.  Collect them all and look back at how your team is growing!

doTERRA rank advancement roller bottle labels gotoilsupplies.com #doTERRA #EssentialOils


This set of purple labels is only $5.49 right now.  Complete set of 9 different labels.  The set of labels includes the following:

  • diamond
  • platinum
  • gold
  • silver
  • premier
  • elite
  • executive
  • director
  • manager


Diamond Roller Bottle Blend Graphic gotoilsupplies.com #EssentialOils #doTERRA #RankAdvancement #DiamondGoals


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  1. I see the Diamond rollerball Blend but could you recommend a Silver Blend to go with my new laboradite silver rollerball I just got from you guys, please?

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