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DIY Lavender Linen Spray For Bed, Rooms and Pillows, Homemade – Got Oil Supplies

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Lavender Linen Spray Recipe For Bedding and Blankets

Can we all agree that sometimes it is just hard to relax and sleep?  Have you heard of a lavender spray to help you relax and promote sleep?  Sleep is so important, yet sometimes it seems to elude many of us.  It’s funny to me that people often wish they could sleep like a baby.  What does that mean really?  Does that mean waking up five times in the night, tossing, turning or even crying?  One thing is for sure I often DO sleep like a baby, and I just don’t want to.  All those nights of getting up 4-6 times a night or tossing and turning just seem to make sleeping hard.  Further, if you sleep with a partner who snores, it can also be a challenge to fall asleep and stay asleep.

A word on the snoring.  Nothing to me is more frustrating than when my husband falls asleep in seconds of hitting the pillow and snores LOUD.  Can anyone relate?  With this lavender linen spray, I am hoping to help myself relax and fall asleep before my husband so he can know how it feels.  I’m not entirely sure he has ever fallen asleep after I have!  If you love lavender as much as I do, I promise you will love how this smells!

I want to drift off into dreamland quickly and stay there for 7-8 hours, and not get out of bed once.  That would be my ideal.  Although sometimes I have a hard time sleeping, I usually have an easier time at home.

Although sometimes I have a hard time sleeping, I usually have an easier time at home.  At home, we have a level of comfort with our beds and blankets.  Often when I travel, everything is different and that makes sleeping even a little harder for me.  Now I am just going to start packing this little lavender linen spray with me in my suitcase so that I can use it at night in a hotel on the road.

To make this lavender spray, we use lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil is known for it’s relaxing and calming properties.  Although it is a natural product, we still need to use essential oils with care.  There is a lot of potencies, even in one little drop of essential oil.  It is important not to use too much.  Please also make sure that you are checking for purity in the essential oils you use.  You need to make sure it is 100% pure oil, without any fillers and that it is organic or better.

I also always advise when using essential oils always to dilute them (or use with a carrier oil).  Remember as stated above, a little goes a long way, so we need to be careful and also always make to dilute the essential oils.  Some essential oils, including lavender, are not recommended for cats, animals, babies and small children.  Please do your research before using any essential oils on cats, kids, dogs, and children to make sure the oil you have chosen is safe and at what dilution. Please talk to a certified aromatherapist for further information.  We do sell some beautiful essential oil books that will be helpful for you if you want to know more about how to properly use essential oils.

An interesting note about some essential oils including lavender.  It has been shown in a study to help cognitive function in those with Alzheimer’s.  See the study here.  My grandma had Alzheimer’s and my husband, and I moved in to help take care of her.  It’s great to see some studies that have been done on the benefits of essential oils.  I love having added benefits besides just a lovely smell.

Have you looked at the price tag of a bottle of linen spray at one of your favorite stores?  It’s pretty astounding at how expensive it can be.  Not only is it expensive, but you don’t necessarily know what the ingredients are in them, or if it is pure.  For this reason, I like to make my homemade linen sprays with lavender myself.  I can make a lavender spray for pennies on the dollar, I know what is in the room spray, and I can refill and reuse it many times.  These lavender sprays also make a great neighbor gift for birthdays and Christmas.  Sometimes it is hard to figure out what to get someone who has everything.  Why not give them their own bottle of lavender linen spray?

I like to use my lavender spray at bedtime.  Before I wash my face and brush my teeth, I usually will spray some on my pillow, sheets, and maybe even the carpet near me.  If you use an eye mask, you could spray some on there too.  I like to spray it before I finish getting ready for bed, so it has time to kind of just absorb and freshen things up before I crawl into bed.  It’s so fast and easy, I mean this only takes a couple of seconds to spray in a few spots, and you are ready to go to bed!

This recipe is so fast; you will wonder why you have never made a homemade lavender bed spray before.  It’s quick to make and also fast to use, so you’ve got to give this a try!  I promise you’re going to love the smell and convenience of having a bottle made up too!

First, grab a spray bottle.  For this recipe, I am using a 4 oz cobalt blue spray bottle.  There are other color options for bottles that you can choose from like amber and clear.  You could use any colored bottle for this recipe.  It is recommended to use a dark bottle to keep out the UV rays from your spray.  However, you aren’t putting very many drops in the bottle, so it isn’t as crucial.  I also keep my lavender linen spray inside of my nightstand, so it is away from UV rays that way as well.  Just use what you have or can find bottle wise.

We carry a huge selection of bottles in our store too.  Give the bottle a good cleaning.  You can throw it in your dishwasher or boil it for a couple of minutes.  I always recommended cleaning your bottles even if you think they appear clean.

Since I am making a 4 oz batch of this spray, I sometimes like to put it into a smaller spray bottle that I keep with my travel things.  That way it is ready to go, and I can take this with me every time I travel!

DIY Lavender Linen Spray To Promote Sleep – Directions (Great for Pillows and Blankets)

This spray makes 4 oz.


24 drops will equal a 1% dilution ratio when used with a 4 oz glass bottle.  Feel free to adjust the number of drops to suit your own needs.  To get your free dilution chart, please visit this page.


Making this DIY lavender spray is so fast and easy.  After you have a clean, dry spray bottle, you can make this DIY lavender linen spray.  I like to start by adding the vodka directly into the bottom of the glass spray bottle.  To do this easily, you can use a mini funnel.  After the Vodka is in the bottom of the bottle, add your 24 drops of essential oil.  Put the lid on your bottle and give it a good shake to disperse the oils evenly into the Vodka.

You might be wondering why we are using Vodka for this recipe.  That is because oils and water do not mix.  To keep the essential oils suspended evenly throughout, it needs some alcohol as a carrier.  It doesn’t have to be any expensive Vodka, just whatever you can find for cheap.  You can also use witch hazel as a substitute if you would like and have that on hand.  Remember, one of the goals of making this is to save money from buying these lavender linen sprays at the store, so use what you have.

Once the lavender oil and Vodka is mixed in your glass spray bottle, I like to just fill the bottle the rest of the way with water.  Leave about a 1″ headspace, so there is room to put the spray bottle in without it spilling over the edge.  Put the lid on and give it another shake to disperse the oils evenly through the water.  If you are making a little bottle to take with you on vacations, now is the time to take the spray lid off, and pour a small amount (using that mini funnel) into the 5ml mini sprayer.

Label your linen spray (with our printable label – add labels sheet to ingredients for people to print on), so you don’t forget what is in it.  I often will make something up and not label it thinking I will remember what’s inside.  Guess what; I do it all the time!  See how super easy it was to make your lavender spray at home?


To use, give the lavender spray a good shake at night when you want to relax at bedtime.  Spray the lavender linen spray on your pillows, linens, blankets, bed sheets and even your eye mask (be sure to let dry or spray on the outside before putting back on).  Remember to be careful around pets and children.


This guide has not been evaluated by the FDA.  This guide is not meant to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease and illness.  This is not a substitute for medical advice.  Please consult your physician for any health concerns, diseases or illnesses.


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    1. Sorry about that! It is 24 drops. Thanks for checking! You can of course put in more or less as desired.

  1. You mention 24 drops of Lavendar in recipe, but in the directions, you have 12….please clarify. Thanks! Also bottles are 4 oz in glass…will this overflow with 4 oz fluid???

    1. Oh, thank you for catching that error! Yes it is 24 drops. You just fill the bottle up with water, so it shouldn’t overflow.

  2. I’m so glad to find an easy DIY for this pillow spray! I’m tired of spending a fortune on this little luxury. Now I can use more and it will still cost me less!

  3. Oh I can’t wait to make this recipe up and use it on my pillow tonight! I hope I have all the ingredients and bottles. If not, I will be placing a bottle order with you guys.

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