June 6

Hot New Small Gemstone Rollers for Roller Bottles

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You guys have LOVED all our 10ml gemstone rollers.  So much so, that we decided to make these to fit our small roller bottles.  These new small gemstone rollers fit perfectly into our 1ml, 2ml, and 5ml bottles.  Love to use your gemstone rollers at home and want to take it with you without the bulk?  Well, now you can!  Gemstones add many benefits and have been used for centuries in energy healing and support.

Small Gemstone Roller Bottles #rollerbottles #enrgyhealing #chakra #gemstonerollers #doterra #youngliving #gotoilsupplies

Our prices can’t be beat!  Since we manufacture these.  These are genuine gemstones that are made to fit into our roller bottle casings.

Buy Small Gemstone Rollers Here

Small Gemstone Roller Bottles #rollerbottles #gemstones #gemstonerollers #energyhealing #chakrabalancing #doterra #youngliving


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