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How to Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser Quickly and Cheaply.

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Did you know that it is pertinent to clean your essential oil diffuser?  We all want our homes and spaces smelling great. Not only we want our homes smelling great, but we want the added benefits of the essential oils we choose to diffuse into our homes.  If our diffusers are dirty and clogged, not only will we think our diffuser is broken, but we won’t get to enjoy the benefits of diffusing in the first place.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Diffuser?

Your eo diffusers require maintenance to run correctly. If you didn’t know, water and oils diffuse, or evaporate, at different rates. What this means is that over time essential oil residue will build in the bottom of the water tank and on the oscillator disk.

The oscillator disk is the small round plate, usually in a hole, at the bottom of the diffuser. When you turn on the diffuser, the oscillator vibrates super fast. This vibration is what creates the steam or mist to come out of the diffuser. When essential oils build up on the disk, it can prevent your diffuser from working properly or even at all!

If your oil diffuser gets a buildup in it, then it can no longer function optimally.  Eventually, your diffuser will stop working and you’ll stop enjoying essential oils dissipated into the air.

How To Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser:

There is one question that we get asked all the time! How do I clean my essential oil diffuser? We are going to explain how to clean your diffusers why you need to do it!  Now that we know why we have to maintain our essential oil diffusers, we will describe two proven methods to clean your water tank and oscillator plate.

Method #1 To Clean Your Diffuser

  1. Unplug your diffuser and dump out any residual water and oil that may be in the tank.
  2. Fill the water reservoir to the waterline.
  3. Add one teaspoon of distilled white vinegar.
  4. Run the diffuser for at least 10-15 minutes or one complete cycle.
  5. Empty the water and then carefully wipe out the reservoir. You can use a paper towel, cotton swab, soft cloth, or a sponge to do this.
  6. We recommend using a cotton swab or Q-tip to clean the vibration plate. Gently wipe around the oscillator to remove any buildup that was left behind.  Dip a cotton swab into the diffuser and clean that plate good.
  7. Rinse with clean water, then use it as usual!

This method will not only help you maintain and clean your diffuser, but it will also help remove old or unwanted essential oils and smells. Let’s say you are switching between fall and winter diffuser blends; it would be a great time to clean your diffuser!

Method #2 To Clean The Ultrasonic Plate and Your Diffuser

Many companies produce a tablet to help you clean your diffusers. We sell one of these tablets on our site! The Spa Room Klenzor diffuser cleaning tablets are quick and easy to use.

  1. Empty your old water down the sink.
  2. Fill your diffuser with clean tap water to the fill line.
  3. Add a cleaning tablet to the water reservoir.
  4. Turn on your diffuser for one cycle.
  5. Empty the excess water and wipe out the inside of your diffuser. Don’t forget to clean the vibrating disc carefully!
  6. Rinse and use your diffuser as usual. Easy!

Now that we have explained the two methods for cleaning your essential oil diffusers, you don’t have any excuses! The first method is very economical, and the second method also works excellent. An excellent ultrasonic diffuser is a significant investment. Protect it with the proper care, and it will serve you for a long time.

Have you ever purchased a diffuser that came with a small black brush, and you’ve wondered what to do with the brush?! That brush is to help you clean and maintain the oscillator disk inside of your diffuser!  Once you pour out the extra liquid and cleaning solution (vinegar or tablets), you can use that just like you would use a Q-tip to clean off the ultrasonic chip.

Method #3 To Clean Your Ultrasonic Diffuser With Rubbing Alcohol

  1. Empty your old water down the sink.
  2. Fill your diffuser with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Let your diffuser sit overnight or for several hours.
  4. Empty out the rubbing alcohol.
  5. Clean the inside of the diffuser with a soft cloth.
  6. Use a cotton swab or towel to gently clean the vibration disk at the bottom of your diffuser.
  7. Rinse and use your diffuser as usual. Easy!

How To Clean Diffuser Covers

Don’t forget about the covers.  Sometimes covers can get buildup on them too.  The best way to handle excess essential oils on diffuser covers is to put it in a bowl with some water and vinegar.  Let soak for a few hours, wipe down and rinse.  You could additionally use some rubbing alcohol for this part of the cleaning as instead of the water/vinegar solution.

How Often Should I Clean My Diffuser?

That is really up to you.  However, to keep your diffuser running optimally, we recommend cleaning your diffuser weekly, when using daily.  If you have a room that you only use a diffuser in occasionally, then it would be ok to go longer between cleanings.  Additionally, if you want to ensure that the scent of one essential oil has dissipated before using another one, take a few minutes and clean it well.

Also, quarterly and for sure when we all do spring cleaning, it would be a great time to set a reminder to do deep clean your essential oil diffusers.

What Is The Best Diffuser?

Another question we get a lot is what diffuser should I choose?  Our favorite essential oil diffuser that we think is a total workhorse is the AmberMist diffuser.  This diffuser has a 100ml capacity and is great for medium-sized rooms.  The mist from this diffuser seems to go up higher in the air than most, rather than just landing on the countertop that the diffuser is placed upon.  We have also created tons of cling-ons that are reusable to change the look of your diffuser.  Want your diffuser to look like a dōTERRA bottle?  No problem!  We also have 12 designs to change the look through the year for the different seasons.  Now you only need one diffuser and can have so many different cool looks.

Amber Mist dōTERRA Essential Oil Diffuser

What Should I Diffuse In My Diffuser?

At Got Oil Supplies, we strive to give you so much free content to help you enjoy your essential oils every day.  Check out some of our most popular blog posts below to get a bunch of free essential oil blends perfect for diffusing in your home.

25 Best Christmas Diffuser Blends With Essential Oils

25 Favorite Fall Diffuser Blends And Recipes With Essential Oils

We have also created a booklet for all about diffusing.  In it, you will have a section on cleaning your diffuser too.  This diffuser booklet has over 275 essential oil blends perfect for diffusing in all occasions.

Remember, you can pick up the highest quality essential oil diffusers at gotoilsupplies.com. Plus, we have all of your essential oil accessories like the diffuser cleaning tablets mentioned above. Thanks for learning with us!  We hope this little tutorial will keep your diffuser working for a good long time.  Now go clean your diffusers.


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