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How To Make Slime Without Borax – DIY Slime Recipe With Essential Oils

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How to Make DIY Essential Oil Slime - Easy Tutorial - Got Oil Supplies

We are going to show you how to make slime without borax today!  We used our basic slime recipe and added red and blue glitter to make an amazing glitter slime.  This glitter slime is perfect for 4th of July festivities.  Read on to see how to make this fun slime.

Kids of All Ages Love Slime

Slime is all the rage these days with elementary school kids, tweens, and teens!  You’ve probably even seen kids playing with slime and wondered, “How do you make slime?”  Today we are going to show you.  Whether your kids like fluffy slime, slime without glue, slime with glue, slime with borax and slime without borax, there is a slime for you!  Ok, let’s be honest, it’s plenty fun for adults to play with too.  I won’t tell if you sneak some of this fun slime recipe from your child!

Questionable Slime Ingredients

This recipe calls for slime made without borax.  Some slime recipes do call for the use of borax.  Borax is an ingredient that a lot of people are on the fence about its safety for ourselves and our environment.  Because of this reason, we have opted to leave it out.

DIY Slime Is Fun To Play With

What’s so great about slime is that it can provide hours upon hours of entertainment from one batch.  You can play with it, stretch it, twist it and put it back into a container to play with again another day.  Our kids are always playing with slime.  Whether we are watching tv, going for a walk or even on car rides.

Our daughter makes slime nearly ever day.  She has given slime to all her friends.  She even sells it on the side as a little side business.  Since she is the slime expert in our household, she is going to give us a recipe and do a live demo for you guys (be sure to check the video out at the end of our post).  You’re so lucky.  Many of you have met our daughter at shows.  She is a vital part of our business and we are so grateful for all her help.

This slime recipe isn’t like any other recipe.  This slime recipe uses essential oils of course!  We just love using essential oils in all our DIY recipes.  For this recipe, we have decided to use lemon.  Please note that lemon essential oil does cause photosensitivity, so use caution if you play with slime made of lemon (or any other citrus essential oil) and don’t expose that part of your skin to the sun for 12-24 hours!  There are lots of other great choices of essential oils besides citrus to choose from too.

Slime Is Easy Enough For Kids To Make

With some adult supervision, even your kids can make slime.  As you can see from the video demonstration below, our pre-teen daughter made up this batch of slime for all of you.  It’s a great summer activity to help kids who are bored find something to do.

Essential Oils To Use To Make Slime

Slime is, even more, fun if it smells good and has some added health benefits.  Citrus oils are some of our families favorites and we will use those most of the time.  Since your kids will be playing with this slime recipe, however, if they are going to be out in the sun, I strongly advise you to pick a different essential oil.  Here’s are a few good other options:

  • Lavender Essential Oil – If you are using this slime for sensory reasons (slime is great for sensory), you might want to also consider adding lavender to the mix.  Lavender provides wonderful calming benefits.
  •  Frankincense Essential Oil – Hailed the king of essential oils, you can’t go wrong with Frankincense.
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil – This essential oil smells terrific.  This oil helps to impart a refreshed feeling.

How to Make Slime DIY Homemade Tutorial - Got Oil Supplies

Materials Needs To Make DIY Slime

Most of the ingredients you need to make this DIY slime you most likely already have on hand.  This recipe calls for very basic ingredients that even if you don’t have your nearby grocery store is sure to have.  There are many recipes on how to make slime out there.  We love this one because it uses essential oils and is tried and true.  We will be making another tutorial on how to make slime without glue.

  1. 1/2 Cup White Glue
  2. 1/2 Cup Shaving Cream
  3. 2 Tablespoons Water
  4. 1 Pinch of Baking Soda
  5. A few squirts of lotion (use your favorite brand)
  6. 7 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
  7. 1-2 Tablespoons Liquid Laundry Detergent
  8. Red and Blue Glitter

Directions on How To Make Slime

Mix materials #1-6 up really well.  Once the slime ingredients are mixed well and the slime has a nice consistency, you can add a little liquid laundry detergent (yes, it needs to be liquid).  Start with 1 Tablespoon and add more if it is too sticky.  After that is mixed in you can have some fun with your slime.  This is where the mixins come into play.  For this recipe, we have added red and blue glitter for a patriotic slime, perfect for a 4th of July party.  You can add sequins, glitter, foam beads and so many other things.  Another fun idea is an ISpy slime where you put just one of different things or shapes in for your kids to find.

Troubleshooting your Homemade Slime

If your slime didn’t turn out quite the way you wanted, no worries.  You can fix it.  For instance, if your slime is too sticky, add a bit more of your liquid laundry detergent.  If your slime turns out rubbery, you can add more lotion to your mixture.  It might take quite a bit more lotion if your slime turns out quite rubbery.

How To Remove Slime From Hair, Clothes, Carpet, Etc.

We all know it’s bound to happen.  Your cute little girl gets some gooey slime stuck in her curly locks.  We have a solution for you.  Keep some vinegar on hand.  Vinegar will help to dissolve slime and clean up any slime mess that gets where you don’t want it.

How To Store This Slime Recipe

Your kids are going to love to play with your new DIY slime so much, it’s hardly going to ever be put away.  But, well you know we all have to sleep.  So, to protect your precious slime, be sure to put it into an airtight container.  We like to keep ours in these 250ml jars.  They are perfect for keeping your slime airtight and they even have a dust cover in them.  This will help prevent the slime from getting crusty and hard.  If by chance it accidentally get’s left out (hey it happens to all of us!), don’t stress.  Just put it in a bag on the counter and it should bounce back.  If not, you can always add a touch of shaving cream, or liquid laundry detergent too.

DIY Essential Oil Slime Tutorial With Glitter and Glue

We hope you loved learning how to make slime with us today.  Run to the store and grab your ingredients and start having fun making your own slimy creations.

For more slime videos, follow @puffee_slime on instagram!  If you want to buy some of her amazing homemade slime, this is her etsy shop; https://www.etsy.com/shop/puffeeslime


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