Chakra Labels and Recipe Sheets NEW Product

We know how much you all love our chakra products and gemstones.  We had a chakra subscription kit back in April.  We actually had to cut off subscriptions because demand was MUCH higher than we anticipated.  Well, I have great news.  The chakra labels and sheets are now in stock on the website.  We are working hard to bring you quality, beautifully designed labels and recipe sheets for an affordable price.  Dare to compare prices!  On our labels, not only do we provide the main labels but we also give you the sticker tops too!  Why doesn’t anyone else do this?  We are trying very hard to give you a great price and beautiful content too.

Combine your love of essential oils with gemstones and energy healing to have a wonderful combination of a product to help support your body and healing.

At long last, here are our chakra labels.

Chakra Labels For Roller Bottles and Essential Oils

Chakra Recipe Sheet

Chakra Recipe Sheet

Chakra Labels For Roller Bottles and Essential Oils #rollerbottles #chakra #chakrabalancing #chakralabels #doterra #youngliving

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We love to write about essential oils, containers and make DIY's that are easy for you to use. We hope you enjoy them!

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