National Popcorn Day Recipe With Essential Oils

Homemade Popcorn With Essential Oils

I think most people love popcorn.  How can you resist a buttery crunch?   Home-popped popcorn is a relatively healthy snack too.  In honor of national popcorn day, we decided to give you an essential oil recipe just for popcorn!

One of my favorite ways to make popcorn is with red palm kernel oil.  This oil is much healthier for you than butter.  The really cool thing is, it tastes just like movie theater butter.  It’s kind of crazy.

Dill Pickle Popcorn –

To make this homemade popcorn, pop your popcorn in an air popper.  Melt some butter (or red palm kernel oil) and add 1-3 drops of dill essential oil to your melted butter or oil.  Be sure to stir really well.  Pour over popcorn and add some sea salt.  Remember less is more with essential oils and you can’t take it away if it’s too strong.

Some other fun essential oil popcorn combos are:

Coconut and Lime
Black Pepper
Ginger and Raw Honey
Immunity Blend (OnGuard or Thieves) Cinnamon
Black Pepper and Lime
Peppermint and Chocolate

What flavors of popcorn are you going to make?

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