October 2

New Digital Tear Pad Aromatherapy Application

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We are so excited to bring to you the newest in our line of digitally downloadable products.  Are you looking for new class ideas or new information for new recruits for your essential oil business?  Now we have an unlimited print of ‘Aromatherapy Application’ tear pad.  You can print these out right at home, as many times as you would like, forever!  We love this digital product because you can download copies on the fly and not have to pay to have us ship your tear pads for classes.  If you have more people attend a class than expected, you don’t have to worry, and can hurry and print more copies.  You can take this right to a print company (UPS store, Kinkos, etc) or print right from your own home computer.  Learn the proper techniques for Aromatherapy application and teach others too!

Aromatherapy Application Essential Oils Tear Pad For a Class


To purchase your new Aromatherapy Application Tear Pad, Please go here.


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