October 25

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

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Sugar Scrub

I don’t know about you, but during the fall and winter months my hands get so dry and beat up.  I decided to whip up this easy sugar scrub to keep next to my kitchen sink.  That way I can exfoliate my skin and help it to be smooth and radiant.

This recipe really only takes like 5 minutes or less to make.  You will probably spend more time gathering up your ingredients than you will actually take making it.  I love to give out sugar scrubs as last minute gifts.  These also make wonderful hostess (think Thanksgiving) gifts and Christmas gifts too.

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Ingredients for Pumpkin Spice Hand Scrub

  • 1/2 Cup Organic Coconut Sugar (you can use just white sugar if wanted)
  • 1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil (you can add more if you want yours more creamy, I was going for a little more on the crumbly side with this one.)
  • 1 teaspoon homemade vanilla extract
  • 3 Drops Cinnamon (or cinnamon spice or pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon or cassia oil)
  • 3 Drops Wild Orange
  • 2 Drops Ginger
  • 1 Drop Cassia
  • 250 ml cream jar

How To Make Pumpkin Spice Hand Scrub

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub DIY Recipe

First, I like to put my coconut oil and all essential oils into a bowl.  Give this a good stir, to mix in the oils really well.  This is to ensure that the cinnamon and cassia especially get well integrated into the coconut oil and become diluted.  If you have open wounds on your skin, I would omit the cinnamon and cassia as they are hot oils and can burn.  If you want cinnamon scent, without the cinnamon oil, you can always add a dash of cinnamon spice.

Next, add your coconut sugar and granulated sugar and stir well.  Make sure everything is nice and incorporated.  I like using the coconut sugar because it has a different texture, and since this is a fall scrub, I wanted it to be brown.  The two different sugars give this a nice texture.

Once all of the ingredients are well integrated, put into a 250 ml jar, or mason jar.  One of the best things about this sugar scrub is how clean the ingredients are.  Use organic, non-GMO sugar and a pure essential oil for this.  You can literally taste this, although I don’t recommend it because of the hot essential oils.  But, think about it.  How many of your personal care products that you buy at the store would actually be safe to consume?  Probably none, zero.

Make yourself up a batch of this easy-to-do DIY sugar scrub today and let us know how it turns out.


DIY Pumpkin Spice Hand Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils Cinnamon, Clove, Orange, Ginger, Cassia and Coconut Oil #sugarscrub #handscrub #pumpkinspice #diyscrub #essentialoils #gotoilsupplies


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