January 5

Small Gemstones With Silver Lids Restocked!

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We are very excited to let you know that our small gemstones with silver lids have been restocked!  We know how much you are all loving the small gemstones.  They are a great addition to an essential oil regimen and roller bottles.  Stay tuned to several blog posts talking about each of the gemstones in our selection.

Small gemstone pieces for roller bottles. Pretty, class and beneficial! gotoilsupplies.com #RollerBottles #EssentialOils #doTERRA #YoungLiving #GotOilSupplies


Classy Gemstone Roller Bottles - Added Benefits. #EssentialOils #Gemstones #GemstonesAndOils #GotOilSupplies #doTERRA #YoungLiving


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