Stop and smell the roses diffuser blend with rose essential oil.

Who loves rose essential oil?  🙋‍♀️ If you’re anything like me, rose essential oil is very precious and you probably don’t want to use a ton at once but would still love the benefits of rose essential oil.  June is the month of rose, so we are going to be featuring rose essential oil throughout the month of June.  This yummy diffuser blend features sandalwood, jasmine and rose essential oil.  We hope you enjoy it as much as us. 🌹

Stop and smell the roses essential oil diffuser blend with rose. #DiffuserBlend #EssentialOils #RoseOil #RoseEssentialOil #doTERRA #YoungLiving #GotOilSupplies

Got Oil Supplies

We love to write about essential oils, containers and make DIY's that are easy for you to use. We hope you enjoy them!

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