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10 oz. Plastic Foam Soap Pump

10 oz. Plastic Foam Soap Pump

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10oz. White Plastic Foaming Soap Dispenser Bottle with Pump For Homemade Essential Oil Blends

Our foaming soap dispenser is perfect for making your own handmade foaming soap with your essential oils! Plastic soap dispensers are all the rage right now. Everyone seems to want to save money and eliminate chemicals in the home. Now you can have a soap pump that is stylish, classy and works very well. There are many recipes online on how to make your own soap. We have some on our blog too. Often, people put some essential oils in the soap dispenser pumps along with water and a little Castile soap. You can, of course, use store-bought liquid soap. Our foam soap dispenser pumps are, of course, made with high-grade PET material. The soap dispensers are approximately 6" tall and 3" in diameter. Perfect for sitting next to your sink. Unscrew the lid, add about 1/2" of soap, and fill the remainder with water. Be sure to leave some space at the top so the pump and put air into it, creating your foaming soap. If you are doing a class, these are a fun must-have to demonstrate some easy make and takes. We hope you enjoy our foaming soap dispensers!


  • Perfect to use with all types of liquid soap!

  • 6" tall with a 3" diameter.

  • Easy to use design.

  • Made with white PET material.

  • Sold individually.

Easy to Use Instructions:

Simply put a small amount of soap in the bottom of your soap dispenser, approximately 1/2". Then, fill the soap container up almost all the way. Leave about an inch at the top of the container to allow air to get in when pumping. This will save you a lot of soap, and hey, it's a pretty fun way to wash your hands, too!

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