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5 ml Euro Amber Essential Oil Bottles (12-Pack)

5 ml Euro Amber Essential Oil Bottles (12-Pack)

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5ml Euro Glass Amber Essential Oil Bottles - 12 Pack

  • Sold by the dozen. 12-Pack

  • 18/410 Bottle Neck Size.

  • Choose any of our 18/410 fitments to use with these bottles!

  • 5ml or 1 1/3 dram or .169 oz Euro / Boston Round Glass Amber essential oil bottles.

  • Vials is approximately 2" tall and 7/8" wide.

  • For labeling purposes, the flat part of the bottle from the bottom of the cap to the bottom of the bottle is about 1-1/8", The circumference around it is about "2-3/4", and the diameter is about 7/8". These measurements are approximate.

  • These are the perfect size bottle to share samples with your friends and prospective essential oil clients.

  • Great for tucking essential oils for an emergency in your purse, car, 72-hour kit, etc.

  • We love the amber glass as it helps to protect the contents from UV rays.

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