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Disinfectant Spray Labels

Disinfectant Spray Labels

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Disinfectant Spray Essential Oil Label Sheets

This is a different time than the present to be prepared! It doesn't matter if it is the current flu season, winter, or the Covid-19 pandemic; disinfectant sprays can be used all year! However, we must label our homemade DIY disinfectant sprays to ensure we use them correctly. Each label sheet will receive 12 1.5" round labels and 12 .5" lid stickers for your caps. This way, you can adequately identify your disinfectant spray bottles. Buy more and save money. These always make great gift. This is an excellent way to help you share your essential oils!


  • Disinfectant Spray Label Sheets

  • 12 Labels & 12 Lid Stickers per sheet

  • Designed to fit our CMS Binders

  • Remember the spray bottles!

  • Properly label your bottles.

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