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Essential Oil Dropper Kit Recipes (12 Sheets)

Essential Oil Dropper Kit Recipes (12 Sheets)

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The Essential Oil Dropper Kit Recipes

A certified aromatherapist developed these recipes to help you use essential oils in your daily personal care routine. Did you know essential oils help keep your cuticles, hair, and skin healthy? They also make delightful perfumes, colognes, and diffuser blends for everyday aromatherapy needs. And the glass dropper tops make it super easy and convenient to dispense just the amount you need. These blends are also the perfect size for travel, so you don't have to rely on your host to provide you with proper personal care essentials!


  • 12 recipes developed by a certified aromatherapist

  • Use your essential oils for daily personal care. 

  • Designed to fit in our CMS Binders

  • Remember your EO supplies and labels!

  • Keep these blends at the ready in your toiletry or travel bags.

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