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Got Oil Supplies

Fold-Over Travel Bag

Fold-Over Travel Bag

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Fold-Over Roller Bottle Travel Bag for 10ml Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Use our Got Oil Supplies travel bags just about anywhere! These fold-over travel cases are lightweight and convenient. They come with carabiner clip-on purses, bags, and backpacks. Excellent to store in the glove box of your car or truck, a first aid kit, your 72-hour kit, or your suitcase! Travel bags are perfect for use on the go. Now you can have your essential oils with you no matter where you are! Shop here for your eo tools.


  • Padded Neoprene Material

  • Holds 4 10ML Roller Bottles 

  • Bottles are not included in this listing.

  • Perfect for first aid kits or on the go

  • The convenient cover is easily folded off and on

  • We dare you to compare our prices!

  • The bag is about 4-3/8" Tall and 4-1/8" Wide.

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