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Gardener's Essentials Labels

Gardener's Essentials Labels

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Gardener's Essentials Oil Proof Label Sheets

These high-quality, essential oil-proof labels look beautiful on the cream jars for the Gardening with Essential Oils Kit. Each label corresponds with a cream jar recipe on our Gardening with Essential Oils recipe sheet. Those recipes were created to care for the gardener's hands and body. Gardening can be a physically rigorous task!

The recipes for this kit call for numerous jars, so we created this second label sheet so you can have multiples of each. You will receive 3 labels of each design: Hand Cream, Hand Scrub, Lip Balm, and Allergy Relief. So remember the cream jars, and get ready to discover a more natural way to care for your gardener's hard-working body. We have all of your essential oil needs covered at Got Oil Supplies.


  • Twelve labels and 12 lid stickers/sample labels on each sheet (3 each of 4 designs).

  • Label sheets are designed to fit in our CMS Binder

  • Essential Oil Proof

  • Quickly identify your Gardener's Essentials blends

  • The red lines are to show the shape of the labels. They are not printed in red. 

  • Remember the recipe sheets, jars, and bottles!

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