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Gemstone Collection Labels

Gemstone Collection Labels

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Gemstone Collection Rollerball Label Sheet

These high-quality oil-proof labels will look great in your essential oil toiletry or travel kit! Each label corresponds with a recipe on our Gemstone Collection kit recipe sheet. Every label sheet contains 48 printed labels (plus 8 blank ones) to identify your essential oil dropper blends correctly. There are 2, each vertical and horizontal, so you can choose the style you like and label them on two sides. In addition, you will receive the following printed labels: Abundance, Courage, Focus, Forgive, Good Luck, Inner Peace, Intuition, Love, Meditate, Passion, Stress Less, and Ultimate Healer. So don't the bottles and get ready to experience the truly remarkable gift that combining the energies of gemstones with the healing of essential oils can provide. We have all of your essential oil needs covered at Got Oil Supplies!


  • Forty-eight printed and 8 blank labels on each label sheet.

  • Designed to fit in our CMS Binder

  • Essential Oil Proof

  • Quickly identify your Gemstone Collection EO blends

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