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House Plants and Essential Oils Labels

House Plants and Essential Oils Labels

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House Plants and Essential Oils Labels

These high-quality, essential oil-proof labels look beautiful on the 2 oz Spray Bottles and Shaker bottles used in this kit. Each label corresponds with a recipe on our House Plants and Essential Oils recipe sheet. Every label sheet contains 8 printed labels (plus 16 lid stickers or sampler labels) to identify your essential oil plant care blends correctly. You will receive the following printed labels: Healthy Leaf Mist, Soil Glitter, Plant Mist, Produce Wash, Dust & Shine, Grow Strong, Pest Away, and Fungus Among Us  So don't forget the spray bottles and shaker jar, and get ready to discover how amazing your house plants can flourish with all-natural essential oil plant care  We have all of your essential oil needs covered at Got Oil Supplies!


  • Eight labels and 16 lid stickers/sample labels on each sheet.

  • Label sheets are designed to fit in our CMS Binder

  • Essential Oil Proof

  • Quickly identify your House Plants Blends

  • The red lines are to show the shape of the labels. They are not printed in red. 

  • Remember the recipe sheets and bottles!

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