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MetaPWR™ dōTERRA® Lid Stickers

MetaPWR™ dōTERRA® Lid Stickers

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Introducing MetaPWR Lid Stickers, the perfect addition to your daily healthy metabolic regimen! These stickers are designed to fit on the lids of your MetaPWR essential oil bottles, making it easy to identify and access your favorite blend.

The MetaPWR Lid Stickers come in a sleek and modern design, with the MetaPWR® Oil logo prominently displayed, making it easy to find among your essential oil collection. The stickers are made of high-quality material that is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your MetaPWR essential oil bottles are easily identifiable for months to come.

The MetaPWR Lid Stickers are an essential accessory for anyone looking to manage their weight, increase energy, and improve their overall metabolic health. The stickers complement the MetaPWR Metabolic System, which includes the MetaPWR Metabolic Blend developed with doTERRA clinical researchers.

There are 88 lid stickers per sheet!

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