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Sermon On The Mount | The Beatitudes Labels

Sermon On The Mount | The Beatitudes Labels

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Sermon On The Mount | The Beatitudes | Essential Oil Labels

Our Beatitudes labels are hand drawn and can only be found at Got Oil Supplies!  Every sheet includes 8 1.5" round circle labels and 16 .5" lid stickers.  You don't need to pay extra for the cap stickers, they are included on every single label sheet we sell.  Plus, all of our labels are oil proof and weatherproof.  We have 8 exclusive illustrations for humble, compassion, strive, meek, merciful, pure in heart, peacemaker and virtue.  Use they labels on any of our 10ml roller bottles.  When you need essential oil Bible content, shop at Got Oil Supplies!


  • 8 Labels & 16 Lid Stickers on every sheet

  • Exclusive Hand Drawn Illustrations

  • Oil and Weather Proof

  • Fits in our CMS Notebooks

  • Don't forget the recipes!

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