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Wooden Reed Diffuser Fitment For Essential Oil Bottles

Wooden Reed Diffuser Fitment For Essential Oil Bottles

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Wooden Reed Essential Oil Diffuser Fitment For Doterra and Young Living Bottles

1 Essential Oil Bottle Ring and 7 Reeds in every package!

Now you can diffuse essential oils straight from your essential oil bottle. Using our reed diffuser with your essential oil bottle is easy.

  1. Remove the lid and orifice reducer on the bottle you wish to use. Reed diffuser can be used with 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml Boston round essential oil bottles.

  2. Screw the wooden collar onto the bottle.

  3. Place the reeds into the bottle with essential oils.

  4. Set in a safe location.

Reed diffusers are the perfect addition to any small room, on a desk, in the kitchen, and on your bathroom sink.

Please allow an hour or two for the essential oil to absorb on the reeds to start diffusing—refreshen the reeds by flipping them upside down in the bottle every couple of days. To make your oils last longer, dilute them with fractionated coconut oil.

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